Eco Insights Database.

Improve your research efficiency by 10x

Eco Insights is your one-stop-shop for research into the impact of government on sustainability decisions. Our database provides structured information with enhanced search and analysis features to improve your efficiency. We also make it easy to collaborate with local experts to discuss and analyze the information in our database.

Database Subscription

Our subscription packages are designed to meet the needs of both power users and teams with occassional users.


Per Month
$ 15per User / Month
Per Year
$ 150per User / Year

For companies with a small number of power users

  • Customized dashboard, search history, favorites, and policy alerts
  • Share notes with colleagues
  • 2 IP addresses per account


Per Month
$ 90per Company / Month
Per Year
$ 900per Company / Year

For companies that require occasional access for many users

  • Shared dashboard, search history, favorites, and policy alerts
  • Share notes with colleagues
  • Unlimited IP addresses per account


Contact us to discuss a pricing model that fits your needs.

For companies with many users or unique needs


Expert Connect

Sometimes talking to the right expert for one hour can save a month of hard work and uncertainty. Our experts are available on demand to support you in understanding how regulations and court cases will impact your business.

Common topics include:
  • How is this policy likely to be enforced by local governments?
  • How will an upcoming policy impact your markets?
  • Do you view this policy as a national event, or part of a larger global policy making trend?

Custom Research

Accessing the right information is not always enough. People often need help to correctly analyze policy impacts and communicate them to management, customers, or investors. We collaborate with local domain experts in dozens of fields to provide customized research reports. Eco Insights project managers coordinate the research process from end-to-end to ensure that the content, format, and delivery timeline meet your needs.

Common requests include:
  • Annual regulatory risk assessments.
  • Regulation impact assessments focused on target markets and geographies.
  • Sustainability risk assessment for new manufacturing plant investments.