About eco.insights

Sustainability policy insights, made simple

Eco Insights has analyzed regulations and court cases to help you quickly find and interpret the information you need to make critical decisions about sustainable products and operations.

We know that sometimes accessing the right information is not enough. To make sure that you can deliver results for your company, we also offer expert consultation and custom research projects led by local domain experts.

Our Mission

Sustainability policy can significantly impact the long term success of a new product or investment. We strive to make it easy for organizations to educate themselves on the latest developments in sustainability policy. Our goal is to create a one-stop-shop for information and expertise to support action towards a more sustainable future.

The Eco Insights Database

Our database is more than the world's largest repository of national and local regulations and court cases on sustainability. It is designed for simplicity and speed. Complex policies are summarized in multiple languages. Key terms are tagged to enable searching and trend analysis. And collaboration is made easy with shared notes and information downloads.


The key elements of the database are policies (what regulators say) and court cases (what regulators do). These are tagged with over 1,000 variables to enable you to find exactly the information that will impact your business, without the noise.


Subscribe as an individual or as a company to gain full access to our database and tools. Needs differ, so we provide flexible subscription options that fit your situation.